Strawberry Reservoir Captain’s Pack



The Strawberry Reservoir Captain’s packs contains all of our favorite dodgers, blades and lures to catch Kokanee at Strawberry, even on the tough days! This pack includes of of each of the following:

  • Barracuda Blade Wonderbread Moon Jelly Glow

  • Barracuda Blade Orange Glow Crush

  • Barracuda Blade Pink Rainbow Swirl

  • Cyclops Blade Pink Moon Jelly Glow

  • Cyclops Blade Mini Bubble Purple

  • Cyclops Blade Wonderbread Moon Jelly Glow

  • Cyclops Blade Purple Moon Jelly Glow

  • Reptoid Blade Chartreuse

  • Reptoid Blade Orange

  • Kokanee Blade Small Circles Silver 4”

  • Kokanee Blade Yin Yang Green 4”

  • Kokanee Blade Silver Streak Green 4”

  • Coho Blade Blue

  • Coho Blade Gold

  • Coho Dodger Wonderbread Swirl

  • Kokanee Dodger Orange Glitter

  • Trolling Spinner Pink

  • Trolling Spinner Orange

  • Trolling Spinner Chartreuse and Black

  • Trolling Spinner Blue

  • Micro Hoochie Rainbow Dash

  • Micro Hoochie Pink Paradise 

  • Micro Hoochie Passion Fruit

  • Micro Hoochie Cotton Candy

  • Micro Hoochie Creamsicle

  • Micro Hoochie Hobo

  • Mighty Minnow Green Glow

  • Mighty Minnow Wonderbread Glow

  • Mighty Minnow Green Gold

  • Mighty Minnow Cotton Candy

  • Mighty Minnow Playdough

  • Mighty Minnow Purple & Gold

  • Spinner Squid Sour Apple Supreglow

  • Spinner Squid Niner

  • Spinner Squid Blink

  • Spinner Squid Watermelon Blast

  • Super Minnow Fire Tiger

  • Super Minnow Pinky Pie

  • Super Minnow Tangerine

  • Super Minnow Ghost Glow


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